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My name is Theo Kannen, born 1952 in the Rhineland.

For many years I have conducted family research, first in my own family, and for some time also for customers who cannot search for themselves because they don't have enough time, the distance is too great or they do not have the know-how.
I will search for your ancestors in archives of country- and town councils, of churches and parishes, first of all in the central civil status archive in Brühl. I will provide you with copies of birth, marriage and death certificates as well as extracts from parish registers. I will research for you in city chronicles, address books, resident lists, court files and other old documents - assuming they are available. On request, I can transcribe old writings and provide assistance with the translation of Latin written church registers and civil status registers during the period from 1798 to 1810 when the Rhineland was occupied by Napoleon’s troups. On request I can take photos of the locations where your ancestors lived - their home (if it still exists), the church, the churchyard (perhaps the family grave), the old town center and much more.
And in many cases - especially for the Rhineland - historical maps (for example Tranchot-Maps) are available. I can provide these for you.

If you are interested I would like to be of assistance. I can give you a quote for the volume of the desired research. Please have a look into my price list.

I would be pleased to undertake research for you.

Theo Kannen

PS: As a member of the Westdeutsche Gesellschaft für Familienkunde (WGfF) I volunteer in the WGfF library in Brühl. I also offer genealogical courses as a lecturer at the adult education center.